Speakers announced and agenda published for Metro-Haul Pre-Conference Workshop at NGON 2019

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As we complete the planning for Metro-Haul’s pre-conference workshop to be held at NGON and DCI World, it is about time to give you an update.
NGON and DCI World takes place at the Acropolis in Nice from 21st to 23rd May. The workshop is called “Evolving Approaches to the Control of 5G Support Networks Using IETF Technologies” and will feature speakers from network operators, equipment vendors, researchers, and implementers from across Europe. The workshop forms part of NGON’s Optical Masterclass Series.
The workshop is to be chaired by Sterling Perrin, Principal Analyst from Heavy Reading, who will bring his long experience of optical networking, including packet-optical transport. The plan is to take a good look at the tools and technologies that have been developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that can be used to support the emerging demands that 5G services will place on networks, and especially on transport networks.

This is a question that is particularly important to Metro-Haul which is working to design and build a smart optical metro infrastructure able to support traffic originating from heterogeneous 5G access networks. That infrastructure includes the management architecture which is being structured around the IETF’s Abstraction and Control of TE Networks (ACTN) architecture that makes heavy use of YANG data models to request services, configure network topologies, and control network elements.
But this workshop is not just Metro-Haul consortium members talking about Metro-Haul. Instead, we have decided to reach out to people outside the project and let them report on their experiences and involvement with IETF technologies specifically for use in transport networks.

The pre-workshop conference session will be chaired by Sterling Perrin, an Analyst at Heavy Reading.

Adrian Farrel, a long-term leader in the IETF and a participant in Metro-Haul, will introduce the IETF and briefly talk about TE Technology Evolution in the IETF to set the scene for the workshop.

Then Julien Meuric will examine The Role of GMPLS/PCE and ACTN in Network Operations. Julien works at Orange as an Expert in Future Networks. He has spent years working with optical networks and dynamic network control and planning. He currently serves as co-chair of the IETF’s Path Computation Element (PCE) Working Group.

Next on the agenda is Italo Busi who is a Principal Research Engineer at Huawei. Italo leads the Design Team within the IETF’s CCAMP Working Group that is responsible for developing YANG data models for the control and management of technology-specific network equipment. He also works to integrate those data models with the higher-level models that describe abstract concepts such as links, nodes, and topology. The subject of Italo’s talk will be the use of The IETF’s ACTN Architecture and YANG Models for Packet and Transport Networks.

Jorge E. López de Vergara Méndez is an Associate Professor, Electronics and Communication Technologies Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and was a co-founder of Naudit High Performance Computing and Networking through which he participates in Metro-Haul. Jorge will describe the process and his experience of Developing and Maintaining YANG Models in the IETF.

The workshop will conclude with Jean-François (Jeff) Bouquier from Vodafone giving an account of Vodafone’s SDN for Single Transport and IETF pre-deployment experience.
For more details of the whole conference you can visit the web site at https://tmt.knect365.com/next-generation-optical-networking/

As workshop organisers we have arranged a discount code for anyone who wants to attend the event. Simply use the code “MH20” when you book, or use this direct link:


Obviously, we will blog more about the workshop as it takes place and after the event. Watch out for Tweets about the conference on our usual Twitter feed @metrohaul

You can also find a descriptions of the conference agenda and speaker list in the session flyer, click here to download.

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