Metro-Haul Year 2 Newsletter – A Year in Blogs

 In 2019, Newsletter, October

As we near the end of the calendar year, we thought we would publish a special newsletter which showcases a number of blogs we published earlier in the year. The bulk of the newsletter is made up of edited highlights from some of our blog posts below:

  • Packet-Level Network Measurements in METRO-HAUL by Jorge Lopez de Vergara
  • METRO-HAULers Win Best Student Paper Award at CNSM 2018 by Daniel Perdices
  • Safe Cities A METRO-HAUL Use Case by Stephan Rasp
  • Standardization of 100-Gbit/S Coherent Interfaces By ITU-T SG15 by Michael Eiselt
  • Pre-Conference Workshop at NGON and DCI World 2019 in Nice by Adrian Farrel
  • Dark Matters about Metro-Haul by Mike Parker
  • The METRO-HAUL 2nd Year Annual Review: A Personal Perspective From
    the Project Manager
    by Andrew Lord


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