List of public project deliverables

Deliverable No.Deliverable nameLead beneficiaryDelivery Date (project month)
D2.1Definition of Use Cases, Service Requirements and KPIsTelecom Italia (TIM)8
D2.2Functional Architecture Specifications and Functional DefinitionUniversity of Bristol16
D2.3 Network architecture definition, design methods and performance evaluationCoriant Portugal22
D2.4 Techno-economic analysis and network architecture refinementCoriant Portugal30
D3.1Selection of metro node architectures and optical technology optionsTelecom Italia (TIM)12
D3.2First validation of the METRO-HAUL node architecture and optical solutionsTU/e24
D3.3The Final METRO-HAUL node architecture and optical solutionsUniversity of Bristol36
D3.4Final public release of SW prototype for the control and monitoring of infrastructural elementsCNIT36
D4.1 METRO-HAUL Control and Management Requirements and FrameworkCTTC12
D4.2Report on Implementations for METRO-HAUL Control for Resource and Service ManagementUPC23
D4.3 METRO-HAUL Support for Vertical Industries through Network Virtualization and SlicingUniversity of Bristol36
D4.4METRO-HAUL Software Final repository and standardization: Yang models, software prototypesOld Dog Consulting36
D5.1Report on Vertical Use Cases Performance metricsCNIT9
D5.3METRO-HAUL Control Plane DemoTelefonica (TID)25
D5.4METRO-HAUL Demo 1Fraunhofer36
D5.6Analysis and Performance results of the METRO-HAUL DemonstratorsCTTC36
D6.1METRO-HAUL Year1 report on communication, dissemination and standardisation activitiesOld Dog Consulting12
D6.2METRO-HAUL Year2 report on communication, dissemination and standardisation activitiesOld Dog Consulting24
D6.3METRO-HAUL Final report on communication, dissemination and standardisation activitiesOld Dog Consulting36

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